Project Vanity 9th Anniversary


It finally happened. Yesterday Apil 1, 2017 was Project Vanity’s 9th Anniversary at The Podium mall. 200 people came in the event.  Some are long time followers and some just recently heard of Project Vanity but it doesn’t matter since we share a common interest, we all love beauty!

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Manila Workshop


Are you interested in blogging or being a VA (Virtual Assistant) but don’t know where or how to start?

In the Philippines, working at home or the commonly used term “Freelancer” is slowly growing in the community. Who doesn’t want to work comfortably at home? You get to avoid traffic and spend time with your family.

As for Blogging,  it is the new online “Diary” the only difference is that you intend it for anyone to see (*flash back* Mom found your diary!).  Some use it as a portfolio for their hobbies or business. Blogging can also be a source of extra income. Writing about you love and monetizing it sounds good right?   Continue reading “Manila Workshop”