Ellana Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub x Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


Hello! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I discovered a good combination for a lip routine and I would be happy to share this with you. Living in a tropical country like the Philippines not only makes our skin dry but also our lips can be affected too. Don’t you find it annoying when you put a matte lipstick and then the chap on your lips becomes more visible?  Continue reading “Ellana Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub x Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask”

Skin care is everything


We are not getting any younger so taking care of our skin is important as we grow older. Sure, applying make-up can cover up your blemishes, dark spots or the dark circles beneath your eyes but as we apply these products it doesn’t really give us the best result and it is only temporary. For example, you have a dry skin and you put on foundation, you will notice a rough powdery texture in your face. We can minimize this kind of situations if we take care of our skin properly AND make time for it.

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