Unzipping: The 9th Anniversary Project Vanity Kit + Ellana Mineral Cosmetics


Should I name it unboxing or unzipping? I thought to myself since in the first place, the Project Vanity Kit is a pouch and not a box. I didn’t mean it the naughty way, I promise.

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Project Vanity 9th Anniversary


It finally happened. Yesterday Apil 1, 2017 was Project Vanity’s 9th Anniversary at The Podium mall. 200 people came in the event.  Some are long time followers and some just recently heard of Project Vanity but it doesn’t matter since we share a common interest, we all love beauty!

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Cat Cafe Manila


Have you ever been into a Cat cafe? There are many Cat cafe’s now in Manila. When I was still working for CARA Welfare Philippines last 2014 we got partnership proposals from people who wanted to start one. Cat Cafe Manila was also one of them. I remember the owner attended one of our core meetings and she explained that she got the idea when she went to Japan and it was also to give a chance for the puspins (pusang pinoy) to find their furever home. 
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