April Skin: Rose Glam Moisture Cover Foundation Unboxing + Review


Hi beauties! I started to try out April Skin last September 2016. I first bought the April Skin Snow Cushion (Black) in Lazada Philippines because I was amazed by their promotional video and ever since then April Skin got my trust because I was constantly receiving compliments lol. Now, my cushion is almost running out so I have to buy a new one. I was supposed to buy the old one but I saw in April Skin’s update that they have a new product, Rose Glam Moisture Cover Foundation. Continue reading “April Skin: Rose Glam Moisture Cover Foundation Unboxing + Review”

Skin Food: Peach Sake Pore Pact Review

skinfood-peach-sake-pore-pact-fallintoreverie-02Believe it or not, I had always used Baby Johnson’s Press Powder and Maybelline ever since my high school and college days because I’m afraid that I might have a break out if I try other products that my skin isn’t familiar with. I first heard of Skin Food way back 2010 from a friend who was starting to get hooked of K-pop. I’ve encountered it a lot of times but I didn’t decide to try it until last year.
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Cat Cafe Manila


Have you ever been into a Cat cafe? There are many Cat cafe’s now in Manila. When I was still working for CARA Welfare Philippines last 2014 we got partnership proposals from people who wanted to start one. Cat Cafe Manila was also one of them. I remember the owner attended one of our core meetings and she explained that she got the idea when she went to Japan and it was also to give a chance for the puspins (pusang pinoy) to find their furever home. 
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First shopping experience: Althea Philippines

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I know my review is long overdue but I didn’t have a blog last year so I wasn’t able to write one. Korean brands is a hype in the Philippines because of our Oppa and Unnie’s and of course, our all-time favorite Korean dramas. And their skin.. their skin is flawless and glowing! Most of us want to know their secret in having youthful skin.  Continue reading “First shopping experience: Althea Philippines”

Skin care is everything


We are not getting any younger so taking care of our skin is important as we grow older. Sure, applying make-up can cover up your blemishes, dark spots or the dark circles beneath your eyes but as we apply these products it doesn’t really give us the best result and it is only temporary. For example, you have a dry skin and you put on foundation, you will notice a rough powdery texture in your face. We can minimize this kind of situations if we take care of our skin properly AND make time for it.

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Manila Workshop


Are you interested in blogging or being a VA (Virtual Assistant) but don’t know where or how to start?

In the Philippines, working at home or the commonly used term “Freelancer” is slowly growing in the community. Who doesn’t want to work comfortably at home? You get to avoid traffic and spend time with your family.

As for Blogging,  it is the new online “Diary” the only difference is that you intend it for anyone to see (*flash back* Mom found your diary!).  Some use it as a portfolio for their hobbies or business. Blogging can also be a source of extra income. Writing about you love and monetizing it sounds good right?   Continue reading “Manila Workshop”