Life Lately 02: I started living at the age of 25 + No photo grabbing

life-lately-fallintoreverie-02The month of April is about to end and here I am writing another chapter for my life lately. Time flies fast! April has given me lots of memorable experience and unexpected opportunities that I didn’t think I will ever receive or  think that I deserve. Why do I think I didn’t deserve these things? Continue reading “Life Lately 02: I started living at the age of 25 + No photo grabbing”

Life Lately 01: Writing is my medicine

Life-lately-fallintoreverie-01Hello! I decided to add a section called “Life Lately”. I will only write it before the month ends. I’m sorry if most of you are interested in beauty and lifestyle so you can always skip this part but, I think this also essential so you can get to know me and I could also get to know you. If anyone is reading this, then I am touched ❤   Continue reading “Life Lately 01: Writing is my medicine”