Review: Laneige Moisture Trial Kit


Hey guys! I’m going to skip my life lately for June. Just when my last post was about consistency then I got eaten by work and life lol.

Despite the rainy weather and slow connection we always have, I will and must talk about Laneige Moisture Trial Kit. Have you heard of it? 

Laneige is a skin care and cosmetics brand from Korea. You can get it from Althea or local online shops in the Philippines.

I’ve always wondered why Laneige was so expensive in the market good thing is they released a trial kit. There are two trial kits that I was debating to buy but I chose the Laneige Moisture Trial Kit because I always suffered from dry skin so I need to consistently moisturise or else pimples and flaky skin will visit me again. Nope. I’m never going back there again.

When I was about to use the product I did a little research on how to use the Laneige Moisture Trial Kit step by step. Surprisingly there are a few guides on how to use it. If this is your first time to use the product, you’ve come to the right place!


1. Skin Refiner

Think of this as the toner. What I like about this it tones my face like, I could really feel my face pumped!

2. Emulsion Moisture

Only in Laneige that I encountered this product. I attended Project Vanity’s 9th Anniversary and there was a speaker who said her skin isn’t compatible with using emulsion so the next day it gave her pimples. I was debating if I should try it or not but I will never know if I don’t try right? The texture of the emulsion was light and it made my skin soft that I can’t help but touch it with both my hands lol. Don’t worry, I didn’t get a pimple the next day 🙂

3. Water Bank Essence Ex

It has a milky but light texture. In my understanding, the Water Bank Essence Ex adds up hydration to our skin. Honestly, I don’t feel any difference or maybe it just works that way? To give more moisture to my skin.

4. Water Bank Gel Cream

Same with Water Bank Essence Ex texture. The Water Bank Gel cream makes my skin more soft and I like the smell of it!

5. Water Sleeping Mask (Optional)

This one isn’t included in the Moisture Trial Kit but it is a very good product. The next day I woke up, I feel my face is soft, refreshing and moisturised. I could feel as if the moisture is locked in my skin.

I only use Laneige Moisture Trial Kit at night before I go to sleep. I like the feeling when I wake up the next day.

Overall, I am happy with the product. Even though it is just a trial kit, mine is still half full. I think it could last for a month and a half for a small face like me. Funny though, I stopped using this for two days and a pimple visited me lol.

I hope my review is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading!

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