Life Lately 03: Everything is going to be alright


IF you consistently work hard for it! In regards with Bob Marley’s quote. Hehe. So, hi guys! Here’s another chapter of my life lately. I know that I’ve been late because it is already the month of June. If you had read my first life lately, I was writing about fighting negativity by not confining yourself in your comfort zone like, learning new things, going out etc. I have been doing that for the past two months and boy.. it is exhausting LOL but I have gained (not by weight fyi) a lot.

Working for something that is still unclear, with no assurance of the future can be disheartening. We can see the finish line but the unclear road towards it beats us down by fear and anxiety leading to affecting our current actions. Let me tell you this.

Everything is going to be alright.

What we fail to see is, from the starting point, we already hold the key but of course, we have to polish it while continuing towards it. By polish, I mean by acknowledging our weaknesses and the parts that we need to improve. Surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up and most importantly..

By consistently working hard for it. 

Currently, I have three jobs. One full time and two part time. My part time job isn’t that strict but still, I have to manage my time efficiently -sobs- whenever I get home, I’m so drained. One of the few things that helps me ease the stress is by eating good food and watching K-drama’s lol.

Why am I working this hard anyway?

Simply because I have a goal in mind. There are many things that I want to do and save for the future.  I’m not sure of what will become of my blog either, but I still try to find time for it. I just have a feeling, the seeds that I have planted would turn into fruits someday. Oh, I almost forgot that because of my blog I got my other part time! and yep, it is beauty-related hehe.

I hope my writing gave you a positive outlook, whatever you are currently going through. Don’t be afraid of the future and always do your best.

I also would like to thank the new people who followed my blog 🙂 My next post will be a review for Laneige woo-hoo.

Thanks for reading!

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