Life Lately 02: I started living at the age of 25 + No photo grabbing

life-lately-fallintoreverie-02The month of April is about to end and here I am writing another chapter for my life lately. Time flies fast! April has given me lots of memorable experience and unexpected opportunities that I didn’t think I will ever receive or  think that I deserve. Why do I think I didn’t deserve these things?

It sounds a bit negative but here we go. There are parts of me that I am not really confident to talk about given that if you have lived in my country, where most companies prioritized what school you’ve graduated, how many friends you’ve had, the status of your family and a trauma that I am fighting everyday. Our society, people and experience greatly contributed to what we have become and because of this standards which I felt that I couldn’t reach, I developed a mindset that I should settle for less. It can be work, people or things. I’m telling you based from my experience that this is bad which will put you in a difficult situation someday and you will always be taken advantaged of. I’m not telling you to reach the top but that isn’t so bad right? at least you’ve tried to be the better version of yourself and for the people around you.

I got a new job last month. Funny how it was the last thing on my list because it scared me but in the end, it was the one that I chose. Simply because my heart was caught by the phrase “In this company, we don’t care what school you come from. A person’s personality and attitude at work comes first.” It was a surprise that a company like this still exist in our country because I had completely given up looking for one long ago.

First day at work is always crucial because in my experience people judge you and awkward for me. My co-workers had a lot of different personalities so I was reserving myself on how should I react because I was afraid I might offend them but as I get to know more about them, I was able to get along with them.

The TGIF or also known as “Thank God It’s Friday”  a Friday night out where people drink after their working hours. It was actually my first time to drink out at night. I’m not a drinker, but I’ve tasted alcohol. Thankfully my boss grabbed my bottle of beer. Aside from eating which I am very fond of, it was fun to taste a little of beer, wine and just chat. Before, I was always wondering why would corporate people need to drink alcohol if they’re already tired when they can just head home straight and rest? I learned that having a night out relieves stress and alcohol gives you confidence on letting it out whatever a person is going through. Also, by sharing these moments the bonds of the people involved gets stronger unless the person had too much which leads to a rumble.

Habal is a Filipino term for hitching a motorcycle ride that has an extra helmet. It usually costs around Php 60 – 100. When our drinking ended, even though it was already late at night, it was hard for me to get home. Then a man offered me a ride.  I told him it will be my first time to try Habal. I examined the person first if he looks suspicious before agreeing of course!

One might think it is a corny thought but easily navigating past the traffic and feeling the cold air at night made me feel like I started living at the age of 25. In my younger days, I was always restricted and disciplined. Surely, we all have a memory where we felt a sense of freedom for the first time at some point in our lives. The guy who gave me a ride was nice enough to give me a discount but because he insisted to drop me straight home, I added an extra for his kindness. He even joked before leaving “If your husband sees us, he might get jealous of me.” I don’t even have one haha!

Currently, I’m getting a hang of it at work. I apologize to my readers if I have posted less lately because I have been adjusting and getting pulled to eat out lol but during my little break it came to my attention that an online shop that I previously blogged about just grabbed a photo on my blog, cropped it without my permission and made it a sponsored post which is why I saw it in my Facebook feeds.

Aprilskin Supplier Philippines broke my trust. I sent them a private message on Facebook about it. They did apologize and said they will take action. It’s been two days and I can still see my photo in their albums. I don’t want to get in touch with them again because if they are decent people, they will immediately take it down or not use it in the first place. This is an example for online sellers to be responsible of what they grab and post on the internet. Just because it’s posted on the internet, doesn’t mean they can use it for their own gain or business and also for bloggers like me, to always put a watermark on photos even if you’ve just started blogging. Better to be safe than get pissed later on.

That’s all. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared today.

Thank you for reading!

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