Project Vanity 9th Anniversary


It finally happened. Yesterday Apil 1, 2017 was Project Vanity’s 9th Anniversary at The Podium mall. 200 people came in the event.  Some are long time followers and some just recently heard of Project Vanity but it doesn’t matter since we share a common interest, we all love beauty!

I arrived in the event 1:05 PM. There wasn’t much people yet but I could see a line building up in Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. I wonder why?


The claiming area of the Project Vanity kit and Belle De Jour Power 2017 Planner was handled by these three lovely ladies of PV (Project Vanity).  The vanity kit pouch that I got was a bit dirty so I didn’t took a picture but the items inside was in good condition so it is all good. I will post about it next week!


Beside the claiming area was a display of In her element products along with two new products which hasn’t been announced in the social media yet. –psst- Did you know? Their cleansing oil and nourish lip balm samples are free. You just have to shoulder the shipping fee.

Browhaus, Pink Sugar, Inglot, Baby Foot, Kate Tokyo and Ellana Mineral Cosmetics were present in the event. You can try their products and if you like it, you can get it for a discounted price.


So, I mentioned earlier that there was a long line for Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. If you purchased the Project Vanity kit, you will get a quick make-over and get to have the Ellana Loose Foundation which suits your skin tone.

The event started with Guts, Glam and Glory by Liz Lanuzo, the founder of Project Vanity. She shared her personal experience when she and her cousin got lost in Cavite and they jumped in the waterfall. That is where she realized that in order to move forward, whatever we are facing, we have to have the guts. Glam and Glory can be achieved later on because.. -drum roll- we grew better because of the challenges we’ve faced!

Best Face Forward was discussed by two Cosmopolitan Editors on how beauty empowers women and reminding us not to make-up shame people. Be beautiful inside and out ladies~

And lastly, Beauty and Brains was discussed by inspiring Filipina entrepreneurs Rosario Juan of Commune Philippines, Darlyn Ty of Zenutrients and Angela Dinglasan of Belle De Jour Planner. They shared how they started their business, the challenges they have faced before stabilizing and growing their business successfully.


I guess you have an idea of yesterday’s color motif. Girl power, yes?

Lastly, we all get to meet the skin care and make-up nerds of Project Vanity! (I think me and the pink-haired girl are shooting at each other lol)

At first glance, the event might be small but it was enough to fill ourselves with inspiration and share our love for skin care and make-up. It was a challenge for me to take pictures though because of my height haha. I look forward for their next anniversary. I hope you can come too. Thanks for reading!

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