Life Lately 01: Writing is my medicine

Life-lately-fallintoreverie-01Hello! I decided to add a section called “Life Lately”. I will only write it before the month ends. I’m sorry if most of you are interested in beauty and lifestyle so you can always skip this part but, I think this also essential so you can get to know me and I could also get to know you. If anyone is reading this, then I am touched ❤  

Tomorrow my blog will be turning one month old! When I started my blog, I was actually heartbroken. I locked myself for days and disconnected myself from social media. Spoke less to people, only with people I really trust. Drowned myself in watching K-drama till 6 AM (hello dark circles beneath my eyes~) but then I realized, nothing will happen if I just continue being miserable.

I’m really thankful that I pushed myself in attending Manila Workshop about being a Virtual Assistant and Blogger. You can read it here. I thought I won’t be able to express myself well with the attendees because even though I am smiling, I am aware of the negativity that I am feeling. Unexpectedly, it turned out well. I didn’t feel the time because I was enjoying it. By the end of the workshop, I was filled with determination and two days later, my blog was up! I challenged myself every week to write. Slowly, writing has become my medicine.

If anyone is going through a tough time and found yourself stuck, I want you to push yourself and get out. Attend a workshop, talk to people or learn something new. Invest in yourself. Why? Only you can help yourself when no one is around and when you invest in yourself, well of course, you are the only one who will benefit from it and that cannot be taken away from you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find your medicine too.

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